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How To Milk A Chair

Ever wonder what happens to those milk jugs you put into the recycling bin?  Loll Designs turns them into wonderful outdoor furniture for the “modern lollygagger.”  This playful Deck Chair started life as 344 milk bottles, 96 for the Satellite end table.   Available in 8 outdoor colors which are UV stable and maintenance free, these are the essence of easy living.  Gosh, they really take this “lollygagging” seriously.  When I sat in this chair, I was encouraged to feel around under the arm… a bottle opener, for the ultimate in “lollygagging.”  Unlike other recycled outdoor furniture this is smooth to the touch and solid, with no little holes on the edges to hold mildew.  They thought of everything!  Opps, I forgot to mention they are comfortable too.  No greenwashing (faux sustainability claims created by advertising agencies) here.  Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Loll does not “lollygag” with their commitment to the environment.  Sustainable business practices are more than a corporate pillar.  They took an existing abandoned manufacturing facility and remodeled it into a model of eco manufacturing.  Walls of glass for passive solar heating, wind power, and natural daylighting and ventilation are just a few of the modernizations.  Employees can “lollygag” on their breaks through fields of wildflowers and grasses planted on the four acre property.

These eco-friendly deck chairs and dozens of other fun and functional outdoor furniture pieces are available directly from Loll Designs at www.lolldesigns.com.  Milk jugs into furniture, outdoor furniture for your life, this is how you milk a chair.

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2 Responses to How To Milk A Chair

  1. Interior design Perth

    I love the lime chair! It looks really vibrant.

  2. Lisa M Smith

    In person they are really a great outdoorsy color – like the perfect new leaf. Thank you for stopping by!
    Decor Girl

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