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How To Spot A Interior Design Faker

How to spot a interior design fakerI’d like to offer you a funny but true peek into the glamorous life of an interior designer. I’m going to be very candid about the one trait we deplore in clients (friends or family members), the design faker. One can’t pick them out in a crowd, they don’t have a particular look and can be male or female, but when they talk here is how you’ll know exactly what or who to ignore when they begin to spew bad interior design advice disguised as design rules.

Fake interior design rules“Oh really,” says the able designer, “I never heard this in design school.”  A rational rebuttal on the part of the design faker is nowhere to be found because these are ideas one makes up in their head, or someone else made up in their head, which buffer one’s fear of doing something differently. The problem doesn’t lie in the repetition of the words can’t or always, it is the person using them as a shield.

The design faker is the person without a smidgen of actual design training who loves to hide behind all sorts of false interior design rules. Spoken with authority which is as phony as their list of edicts, a design faker is one who proclaims a number of absolute design decrees as if the sky might actually fall if one broke them, often while standing face to face with the designer they hired to do their job.

Let’s break this down, the basis for the blustering of rules belched by a design faker is simply fear. Fear, disguised in a mild to extreme passive/aggressive package is the root of the non-designer declaring design absolutes.  Their purpose is to establish a safe fence around which nobody including a legitimate interior designer may cross.  “Why again did you hire me?”

Change can be a toughie and when it comes to an interior, what we learned from our parents, a friend or picked up along the way, might just be wrong and the only thing between status quo and a beautiful home is fear of change.

Here is the one interior design rule you need to know: hire and trust those who know what you do not.


Disclaimer: No existing clients have been insulted in the writing of this post, my current client roster is made up of pretty fabulous people.  Not one of them is a design faker.

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