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How To Transform Your Bedroom In 5 Easy Steps

Are you having trouble sleeping at night?

Do you walk into your bedroom and want to walk right back out the door?

Have you ever returned from a restful vacation wanting to recreate the hotel room?

Interior design can fix this with an easy and inexpensive bedroom makeover. If your bedroom is not working for you, here are five easy steps to transform your bedroom into the restful, soothing, and comfortable bedroom it needs to be.

mattress types1. Get The Right Mattress

The best investment in any bedroom is the mattress. The modern useful life of a mattress is about 7 – 10 years. In recent years the bedroom mattress has gone through a technological revolution. Aside from filling and composition, beds can now be adjustable in terms of position and firmness.

If comfort is #1, quality #2 then size is #3. My ability to sleep at night improved drastically with a new mattress, changing from a queen to a king – the claustrophobia was over.

simple white bedding2. Simplify Bedding

Luxury hotels have removed fancy bedspreads as a cost cutting measure and and because people were getting the heebie jeebies about those black light reports and how often a bedspread was really changed – eek. All white bedding is easy to maintain and easy on the eye. All of a sudden this became the new chic, spa-like way to dress the bedroom. So simple anyone can do it.

simple bedroom color scheme with white sheets3. Pick an Easy Color Scheme

As a private space and not connected to the rest of the home, bedrooms can have a their own color palette. Go with your favorite color, but ease up on the vibrant or bold patterns. Simple color palettes are restful. Repetition creates comfort, especially in the bedroom. Go for a monochromatic color scheme for a sense of comfort and ease.

proper bedside lighting4. Purposeful Lighting

  • Entrance light switched on the wall by main door for general room light
  • Bedside lighting, not too bright, whether by table or wall lamps
  • Night light to avoid midnight stumbles

bed as the focal point5. Adjust The Focal Point

The most important component of a bedroom is the bed. This is the focal point, the only focal point. Keep everything else in the room visually quiet (clutter free). Let a pretty upholstered headboard or interesting bed command attention. Too many decorative items or furnishings give the mind too much to focus on (laundry basket of dirty clothes) which can cause restless sleep.

Bedrooms are important daily use rooms for allowing us to rest and recharge, you can’t have a home without them. Bedrooms are necessary and purposeful. The main reason we have a bedroom is to have a place to sleep, not watch TV, do homework, pay bills or even get dressed. While the bedroom may have double or triple duty, the whole point of the room is entice us into a restful sleep each and every night. Whatever you can close or put away will help.

Using these five steps will give you a comfortable, restful and soothing bedroom, perfect to invite a peaceful night’s sleep.


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