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How We Thank Our Sponsors For 2013

Last year was a phenomenal year here at Decor Girl.  We could not have logged the travel miles, met new and exciting people, learned about new products, delighted in new experiences and expanded our design and lifestyle knowledge without the participation of our sponsors.   Decor Girl sponsorsSeriously in 2013 it is quite possible I met, had I ever kept track, more new people than ever before in my entire existence.  Totally cool. 

Sponsors not only offer the opportunity to expand one’s product knowledge but a chance to build a relationship and learn from others.  With so many products out there, it is much easier to specify something from a company one actually knows about and has a relationship with.  It becomes automatic.

However, for us to endorse or recommend any product or sponsor they have to meet our rigid expectations first.

Life is sales no matter who you are, but this doesn’t mean phony, stagnant, cold or impersonal.   Relationships are the key component to anything.  Someone once said, one doesn’t by a product as much as they buy people.  Don’t you want to buy from someone you like or know?

Having learned about their products and gotten to know the people, these companies make products I would reach into my own wallet for, one of my guidelines.

Just how does one say thank-you?   food or wineFood or Wine?  Both nice but this has been done before.   Yawn…

Thank YouSaying  thank-you, sending a note or an email just does not seem to cut it for such an incredible year.  

How does one put into words, as a wordsmith I am not, or show one’s appreciation for the generosity, kindness and trust of others… in a big way?  Trite cliches and rambling platitudes are so, not me.  

In our extremely visual and global social media world there is only one possibility for me to express my gratitude in an appropriate manner.

  • Make it memorable.   
  • Make it personal
  • Make it unique 
  • Make it shareable.  
  • Make a statement.  

Lisa and Bentley CGT SpeedYou know how I enjoy my cars…

Decor Girl sponsorsI love my sponsors:

Lisa a Bentley and sponsorsDecor Girl Bentley CGT SpeedThank-you to everyone who supported us in 2013.  Please feel free to pin, tweet and share these photos, our sponsors will love it.  XOXO


This particular Bentley Continental GT Speed was was provided by Bentley Motors USA.  For more on the Bentley track event click here.

All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow us to create new and special content like this for Decor Girl Media.

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9 Responses to How We Thank Our Sponsors For 2013

  1. Clever you, love this!!! Danica Smith. 🙂

  2. This is fantastic Lisa! You made my day.

  3. Thank you Stacy, you just made mine. 🙂

  4. memorable ✔️
    personal ✔️
    unique ✔️
    shareable ✔️
    statement ✔️
    Clever ✔️
    Creative ✔️
    Thoughtful ✔️
    Imaginative ✔️
    So you ✔️
    Loved it, thank you!

  5. Thank you Martha! Still enjoying my Mr. Steam towel warmer every day. XOXO

  6. you’re the bomb Lisa. totally tickled. Happy ’14 my friend.

  7. Glad you like! You’ve been very supportive and helpful over the years. You are appreciated. 🙂

  8. Julie McCrary

    So clever and creative and fits you to a “T”. You’ve been such a great supporter of Miele this year and we’re extremely appreciative. Looking forward to working together again in 2014. Ladies, start your engines!

  9. Thank you Julie! Ready for 2014!

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