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ICFF 2013 Recap – The Wow, The What and The Not

ICFF NYC 2013  - 101The 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) offered a delightful array of new furniture, lighting, bathroom fixtures, wallpaper, and other interior items.   As an interior designer this is one pumped up candy store full of interior goodness.  I found a lot of amazing interior items which will be filling my posts in more detail for weeks to come.  For now I’ll start with a few of the items I can’t get out of my mind.

WOW!!!Kino Guerin bent wood furnitureKino Guerin wood furniture detailMajor WOW!  I’m in love, again.  These sculptures in wood fashioned into furniture by master craftsman Kino Guerin tie my designer heart strings all up in knots, extraordinary.Pelle wood coffee tableOrdinarily I don’t go all ga ga over wood, but as I review my favorites, wood is at the top of my wow list.  This cocktail table by Pelle is a complete polar opposite of the curvilinear sensuality of the previous pieces, but I’m still enamored.  Is it the artist Sol LeWitt reference or my natural appreciation to melt at the sight of precision?  I want it.

WHAT IS IT?ICFF NYC 2013 Look closely, yep these are blow up rings (inner tubes for us classic lovers).  Keep this concept in your head… Puff Buff light fixtureA light weight lighting solution.  Each of these spheres are 4 inch diameter plastic (blow up) bubbles with a single LED fitted into the backside by puff-buff.  If you think about it for large scale light fixtures, this is a ingenious way to solve the common problem of weight and breakage. LED wallcoveringSpeaking of lighting, look at this LED wallpaper from Meystyle .  Yes, real live LEDs.  In real life it is like nothing you’ve ever seen.  There will be a future post on this.

NOT GONNA HAPPEN IN MY DESIGN SPHEREIMG_0010Let’s review, a table top for a inner tube seating – ah, nope.   Imagine sliding your legs in and out of that, whoops there goes the cocktails.

Not going for the wooly mammoth sofa either, maybe in a super specific location.  Kinda reminds me of a hairball.

Dinosaur spine light?  Yeah right, and I say this without even knowing the price tag.  As an art installation, okay… once.

How about the pig (or cow – not sure) coming out of the side of the table.  NFW, you know what I’m saying.IMG_0011Did you think I would skip the whole recycle/reuse category?  I give the guy credit for calling them sculptures.  He did beautify an unattractive propane tank in an artistic fashion.  For the ranch, cabin or public park this could work.  In a backyard or indoors?  Not.

I suppose I should do a video or podcast so you can truly gauge my exuberance but the editing process (for my potty mouth when I blurt out “WTF were they thinking”) would eat too much time from my day.  Hopefully you got a little smile.   Check back for fabulous wallpaper, lighting, furniture, bathroom fixtures and other home decor items you simply must find a spot for.  🙂 Thank you lisa

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