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Inspiration Room of the Month – The Bedroom

Editorial Note:  Starting with January we are we are going to re-order this blog a little bit.  Every month we will focus on a different room in the home. At least once during the week we will post on design tips, ideas or products suitable for a specific room.  Don’t worry it will not be a whole month on one topic – that would bore me to tears, we’ll talk about plenty of other interior design and other fun items.  Saturdays will remain dedicated to the automobile, a micro blog within a blog.  But for the month in general we will take a more thematic approach.   (Of course your feedback is appreciated too!)  I hope you find this more organized approach useful.  Now onto the good stuff…

January seems to be a natural time for cocooning ourselves in our homes.  The world tiptoes into a new beginning.  The days are short enough it is dark when one’s head hits the pillow until the alarm reminds us it is morning.  In the cold weather areas where snow tempers our activities we pile on sweaters in the day, heating blankets and down comforters at night.  With this in mind the bedroom will be our focus for the month of January.    Photo by Erica George Dines via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I picked this as the inspiration room of the month for many reasons but the biggest is it makes me just want to climb right in.  This room offers a number of bedroom design ideas anyone can use to inspires comfort and peace.

  • Lighting – swing arm reading lamps in addition to general table lamps.
  • Simple  Furnishings & Decor – only what one needs and no clutter combined with not a lot of pattern makes this easy on the eye and mind.
  • Repetitionsingle patterned fabric or color used to edge drapery, upholstered headboard, trim pillows, and on lampshades as well as matching side tables gives the room a comforting balance.
  • Clean – using white or cream guarantees a luxurious spa-like feel to a bedroom.
  • Color – easy use of a single soft color with the neutral is a wonderful bedroom color scheme idea and keeps the room restful.

What are some key elements which make a bedroom invite you to climb in?

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