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Interior Decor Dissection

I love when I see great design.  Upon turning the page I immediately ripped this page out of my recent issue of Elle Decor.  A perfect room.  This room by interior designer Frank Webb illustrates the use of many of the design elements crucial to good design.

What caught me first is the artwork and his use of the art as both a focal point and color key for the entire space.  He uses repetition of specific colors to move our eye around the room = rhythm.  This triangular use of green creates harmony and comfort.  The blue vase and red flowers also appear in the artwork.

Using radial balance  – the positioning of this seating arrangement around the central wood coffee table offers an easy to understand flow.  A person entering immediately knows where to go.

Notice how the room is full but not stuffed.  This is a great example of the use of negative space.  There is nothing in the nook above the fireplace, imagine how filling it would feel cluttered and throw off the room.  The furniture is moved away from the edges of the room allowing for lots of nice empty corners and is the appropriate proportion for the room.  This feels luxurious and restful.  Nothing would be gained by placing the sofa against the wall with the chairs opposite.  The seating area would feel stuffy and difficult to enter.

Mr. Webb uses a bold color with stark white yet the room still feels warm and not in your face.  The room feels collected and not forced.  The wood don’t all match.  There is a balanced contrast of lines and curves.  Items from different periods and styles have been utilized to create an eclectic composition which just feels scrumptious.  The room looks easy, but it was designed that way.  Bravo!

Photos by Tim Street Porter via Elle Decor

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