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Interior Design Basics: How To Achieve A Great Bathroom

Got a new bathroom on your horizon or maybe you are dreaming about how to remodel the one you have? This post is for you. Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms in the house, which means it is one of those rooms where details really matter. As part of our Interior Design Basics series, here some tips on how to achieve a great bathroom along with a look at a bathroom one of our friends Michele Alfano created as part of the DXV Design Panel. 

First, identify the functional items the bathroom needs:

  • toilet
  • sink(s)
  • shower
  • tub
  • faucet(s)
  • storage (vanity, linens, towel bars)
  • lighting

Now, is there one of these items you want to highlight or use as a focal point? Translate this into the location for the item such as the sink/vanity area or shower/tub. I’m doubtful anyone will choose the toilet area. Just pick one area. This helps you focus your mind, planning and design for the next step.

Inspiration board for master bathroomReach for inspiration. It could be an architectural style, travels, artwork or simply something in nature. Once you’ve decided on the most important area of the bathroom, this is where you begin to make your selections of fixtures and materials. A great example of this is in a bathroom one of my friends, Michele Alfano created for DXV using the sites and textures of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bathroom Design by Michele AlfanoWhile there are many beautiful things in this bathroom such as the amazing green window wall which draws you into the space, the most important functional location is the sink/vanity area. She pulls you into the room and knowing you have to turn, rather than hit a wall, you land at this fabulous vanity.

Modern wood bathroom vanityShe choose a warm natural wood vanity to bring visual focus to the area. DXV bathroom vanityCreating a work zone where everything is meticulously organized and at hand offers a feeling of comfort.

Modern freestanding tubMichele chose a beautiful white wall tile with a touch of sculpture. Its pretty, interesting, but not in your face. Likewise the tub and toilet are quiet and simple. They are not ordinary, however the rounded rectangles calmly blend into the environment.

Modern tile showerThere is a bit of a surprise around the corner one doesn’t see until they are in the room. The shower, hidden back from the tub. Notice how she saves a beautiful color just for the shower. Again this creates its own area of focus where you can calmly scrub away.

The way to achieve a great bathroom is by creating one main area of focus and building out from there. Decide what the bathroom needs, find inspiration, then begin to make product and material selections with the goal of making the focal area the best spot. By harnessing your focus and not letting each functional area or material be eye candy galore you can create an amazing bathroom.

If you’d like to see more on Michele and here fabulous bathroom for DXV, click here.





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