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Interior Goodies & Trends I Fell In Love With In Cologne

BlogTour Cologne was a lovefest for the design obsessed.  Interior trends were abundant.  There were so many great products, ideas and concepts for the home interior to be found at IMM Cologne.  The recent round of posts have been very kitchen-centric however, we saw much more.  If it goes into an interior, it was at the show.  Though I can’t promise I saw everything fabulous, we had two and a half days to cover 11 buildings.  I’m fast but, not that fast.   In a nutshell (blog post) here are the items which really got my heart racing. creative casegoodsCreative casegoods were everywhere.  Dare I say bedroom casegoods might be back?  In the U.S. we love the walk-in closet one can have a party in or super-sized furniture offering up more bad detail than storage.  But this is not practical or smart for every home.  Storage furniture, a.k.a dressers, need to offer efficient storage.   Goopy hard to clean dust-catcher molding and trim embellishments are gone.   The new casegoods are bringing back form and function, while utilizing every inch of interior cabinet space.  Simple shapes which contain useable storage are available for every room of the home. colorful furnitureColorful seating was a big hit.  It makes a statement, is easy to work with and reflects a calm easy-to-be-in interior. Mixing wood with manmadeMixing beautiful wood with man-made materials was a common theme with companies who offered dining room seating.  Dining chairs are simple, attractive and supportive to sit in.  This was a new twist on old & new, modern with charm which can be suitable in any interior style. Drum shadesDrum shades, no make that conical drum shades , big beefy ones, were another trend spotted throughout the show.  In kitchens, dining areas, entrance halls and more, a substantial shade can make a big impact.  One is fun, two are better but why not more?  Groups of shades in one or more colors oooze the cool factorOutdoor furnitureNot wood outdoor chairBeautiful outdoor furniture doesn’t have to scream outdoor.  Both of these interior classics are reinterpreted for outdoor. The second picture looks like wood doesn’t it?   Kinda like a cross between a classic Thonet bentwood chair and a Marcel Breuer cane seat chair.  It isn’t wood.  Comfy and gorgeous. Lighted outdoorThese black and white planters have so many opportunities for outdoor living.  I love how one can create their own little wall.  Yes, I have a soft spot for Serralunga.  Not sure why, I am just drawn to outdoor furniture and accessories with lights.  Yes, the table lights up too.   Fearless colorful patternColor!  In case you haven’t guessed it, color was everywhere.  Not too much, not wimpy but not in your face.  Clear, concise, saturated colors are in play.  No iffy, earthy, bland non-committal colors.

In my view these items and trends are livable and spendworthy.  They are trends without a date-stamp, in other words they aren’t going to look oh so yesterday in the near future.  I think design is going the way of being practical, well engineered and enjoyable.  Indulgence is out! Lisa sig

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  1. Hmmm, most of these are not calling my name, but I do like the final striped thingie! hahaha. That’s me doing technical talk!

  2. You are too funny!

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