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Interior Trend: Rock On With Malachite

Deep variated bands of intense green make malachite, a semiprecious mineral, one of the more fascinating natural showstoppers for interiors and decorative objects.  Malachite goes beyond a color trendMalachite pyramidUnlike most minerals which we associate with linear or crystal-like formations, malachite has the distinct characteristic of bulbous curves which has made it a popular stone for interiors throughout time.

Protective Powers  PeacockThe repeating concentric circular rings resemble a peacock’s eye and have been felt to offer protection and therapeutic properties as far back as ancient Egypt.

  • balance in relationships
  • success of business
  • placed in the bedroom to keep nightmares away
  • protects from the evil eye
  • releases negativity

Malachite’s Royal Heritage

Normally we associate purple or blue as “royal” colors when in fact malachite has been a favorite in royal households since Russian Royalty made it popular in interiors and decorative objects in the 19th century. malachite-hall-at-the-winter-palace-in-st-petersburgPhoto:  Saint-Petersburg.com

The Malachite Room in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg (above) showcases towering columns made of the rich green stone as only one example of Romanov opulence.  The famous Russian Imperial Lapidary Workshops at Peterhof and Faberge created hundreds of objects from the rich source first discovered in Urals near Ekaterinburg in 1635. Malachite Vase in Windsor CastlePhoto: Royal Collection Trust:© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013

This malachite vase resides in Windsor Castle and was presented in 1827  to George IV on behalf of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.  Thankfully this historic vase also survived the devastating 1992 fire at Windsor Castle.

What Goes Around Comes Around Malachite in InteriorsMalachite has made a resurgence in interiors in the last few years.  From wallpaper to fabrics to numerous tabletop accessories, anyone can enjoy a bit of malachite in their own palace without spending a small fortune.   Malachite is known for its natural rich green colors and while it makes for pretty jewelry, this is a stone which shown or replicated on a large scale is dramatic and doable.

Hot Malachite TipNatural Malachite A favorite haunt to uncover natural or even cut and polished malachite pieces are Gem & Mineral Shows which travel the country.  These can be a treasure trove for the interior rock hound.

Embrace the natural colors of malachite in your interior and rock on.  It is a safe bet malachite is here to stay.


Wallpaper: Cole & Sons
Tabletop: L’Object
Fabric: Cowtan and Tout
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6 Responses to Interior Trend: Rock On With Malachite

  1. jas

    nice post, but don’t sell lapis short… 🙂

  2. Malachite is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing some more about the background of this gorgeous stone, too!

  3. It is a gorgeous stone- royal for a reason!

  4. A competent faux finisher can paint surfaces to look like malachite, I remember it used quite a lot in the 1980’s and I used to enjoy teaching classes on how to achieve the look with paint and glaze. I still have contacts in USA and Europe if anyone wants a painted malachite surface.

  5. Great idea Helen!!! I am imagining a lacquered malachite wall… oh honey I know what I want to do with that wall in the dining room. 🙂

  6. Very funny, I can’t talk about blue all the time. XO

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