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Interior Trends From Milan: The Good, Bad and Yes, Please

Good and Bad from Salone del MobileIn keeping with tradition our first post after a trade show always covers the good and the bad interior products.   How boring or typical would it be to only cover the “look at the great stuff” type of post?   Let’s have some fun with what turned my head at Salone del Moblie in Milan last week. The Good Interior TrendsThese are the products or creative ideas which grab onto your mind and will not let go.

Green was everywhere.  Not green as in the p.c. version but green as in plants.  Green herb wallIn the kitchens herbs are at hand, in the wall in the countertop on the counter or backsplash almost every kitchen has some version of this.  Plant wallPlant walls whether interior or out make for a welcome natural textural element.  Time to work on the green thumb.  sculptural sinkThis sink with a hidden basin literally stopped us in our tracks.  A 3-D version of trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) becomes instant sculpture for the bathroom.  Moveable electric outletA popular concept (American electrical gurus take note) was the plug and play electrical outlets and USB ports.  Power where you want it and a charge where you need it.  Moveable outletOn the wall, along a cabinet or hidden in a countertop, permanent strips allow the user to connect and move an outlet or USB charging port where desired.  Brilliant! Bad Interior Design Bad furnitureI welcome any comment who can honestly characterize this as good taste. Have all the fun you want with this one. Too much, too wrong in at least three ways.  Bad bedroomOkay, this was what would have been in the Sears catalogue about 40 years ago, but it was real and the furnishings for sale.  Any question why Tamara Matthews-Stephenson of Nest by Tamara and I felt the onset of hives? Tiger TableYikes!  Seriously, there is nothing nice to say other than to feel sorry for the Tiger who had to pose for this. Yes, pleaseNow for the cool items which make one find a space or possibly add on an addition – doesn’t matter these are in the want it now category.  Klismos Back BathtubA bathtub to drool over.  To say white is a trend in the bathroom is like saying one needs air to breathe, it is a given but the new honed surfaces were trending everywhere.  Sculptural lighting and kitchen ventilationFor those who entertain in the kitchen this takes sculptural lighting and ventilation to a whole new level.  Look, the ventilation hood is neatly tucked inside one of the tubes.  Chrome still rules.  Lighted outdoor furnitureFor those who have to negotiate with a husband, this may be the key to instant approval for new terrace or patio outdoor furniture – this sculptural seating is lit from within.  Pet bed by Bentley HomeFinally for the pet lovers, we have the premiere pet bed from Bentley Home.  Yes it is that Bentley.

Stay tuned, in the upcoming days and weeks we’ll bring you more trends and great products from Salone del Mobile.  We’ll sprinkle in some great Venice and Milan travel pics in case you are working on your travel plans.


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8 Responses to Interior Trends From Milan: The Good, Bad and Yes, Please

  1. Post more!!! It is so fun to see the show. Love the good/bad theme continued!!

  2. Wow, the good was really good and the bad really bad!

  3. Ok I LOL’d at that sears comment – so true! Maybe a style magnetic pole reversal is underway: Traditional US style with crown moldings, chair rails and raised panels are returning to vogue in Europe and all the awesome modern bits are coming to the US. I say we do what we can to make that happen!

    Great post.

  4. You’re right – there were some amazing designs and then a section of booths where It All Went Terribly Wrong. Luckily there was so much that was right!

  5. Totally right Kelly, most of what we saw was fabulous and inspiring.

  6. It was funny, we kept looking at that booth thinking maybe it was a reto project or something but no… it seemed like we were in the low end retailer area.

    It was nice to see the kitchen trends spied last year are still continuing this year with everything being flush and flat. Clean lines don’t have to scream contemporary but they do scream easy-on-the-eye and much less maintenance in the kitchen.

  7. Great presentation of the good and bad.

  8. Thank you, I just can’t do the “everything is wonderful” posts – not realistic. 🙂

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