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Interiors Go Mad for Plaid

My traditional side kicks in when I see a good tartan/plaid or maybe it’s the McKeel and MacKenzie background.  Either way I love a worsted wool plaid in the interior or on my exterior.  However, if a plaid (unless a specific clan version) is not working a current color scheme it is time to replace it.

Forget the hunter (aak) green, navy and reds.  Old plaid looks like old plaid really fast.

But one doesn’t need a highland heritage to love these pinks, purples, grays, and mossy greens from the new Autumn 2011 Lomond Collection  from Osborne & Little .

These smaller scale versions with a little turquoise and pea soup green or the tomato red and tan would be smashing on a club chair.

Fresh purples and blues from Osborne & Little’s Kinloch Collection.  Skirt, pant or chair?  If it doesn’t work in the decor one could translate them to the wardrobe as seen recently in Milan during Fashion Week

Designer’s Guild is never a disappointment especially with their Chevoit Collection of tweeds (plaid) in these hot colors!  Gimmee a sofa, drapery, maybe a headboard and mmmn these can rock!We’ve already termed this the “happy colors” plaid from Stroheim‘s Castlebury Collection.  In a sunroom or bedroom, stunning.

Whether your contemporary interior needs a little order or the traditional country house interior decor is looking a bit tired, if you love plaid these new versions are a perfect way to update.

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2 Responses to Interiors Go Mad for Plaid

  1. I am a HUGE lover of plaid, and will confess to owning plaid scarves, skirts, and yes, even pants. What can I say? It’s in my WASP blood! But I definitely do not have enough plaid dressing up my home – you have inspired me (as usual) with the beautiful photos in this helpful post 🙂


  2. Oh, I hear you – thanks! I’m just itching to find a place for some of the new plaids… I’d love to paper back one and use it as wallcovering in a den or powder room, yummy! I just may end up with a skirt though to get my fix.

    Decor Girl

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