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Is Steamtherapy The Modern Fountain of Youth?

Mr SteamHydration is not a new concept, however in our cut-throat, fast moving, excuse driven world this is something which is often forgotten.  How many times have you heard in the last few years, drink more water?  While it might seem like a big fat, duh, hydration is the key to looking and feeling better.  Water is the answer, but the benefits of water are found beyond a drinking glass.

To really immerse oneself in the powers of hydration one needs to allow their entire body to drink in the benefits by using a steam shower.  Like to  multi-task?  With a steam shower one can clean and improve your health at the same time.  A steam shower is not a luxury, it is a relevant tool in maintaining your family’s health and well being.

Benefits of a Steam Shower

  • Relax and ease muscle pain
  • Improve respiratory function
  • Help body purge toxins
  • Improve texture and elasticity of skin

What is a Steam Shower?  When a steam generator is added to a typical enclosed shower, you’ve got a steam shower.  The crucial element aside from the generator, is the shower is fully enclosed and the walls, floor and ceiling are made of impervious materials like stone, tile or glass.

One of the leading manufactures of steam showers in the USA is Mr. Steam Mr. Steam has been a choice of homeowners and commercial establishments for over 50 years.  They are committed to helping consumers make wellness a way of life.

The fountain of youth is not elusive or exclusive.  Steamtherapy has been around for hundreds of years, because it works.  Utilize modern technology from Mr. Steam to enjoy your own fountain of youth right in your own home.  Click here, to create your own virtual steam shower. Dinner at the spa via Mr SteamFrom all of us on BlogTour Cologne, we concur with Mr. Steam and our beautiful faces exhibit the benefits of wonderful steam at the end of a long day.  Thank you Mr. Steam for leading us to the fountain. 🙂Lisa sig


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2 Responses to Is Steamtherapy The Modern Fountain of Youth?

  1. Carmen Christensen

    My face agree! Steam Therapy, water, hydration! It just makes sense!

  2. Oh, in the North I would live to have daily steam options! We did look good!


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