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Is There a Star in Your Bedroom?

Award season or not, the bed is the key player in any bedroom.  It has to command attention the moment one enters the room and deserves all the reverence and accolades befitting a major movie star.  After all without the bed, the room is not a bedroom and if you are reading this – you are your own stylist.   Like a movie star, the bed is the natural focal point and begs to be treated as important.    

Maison Moschino via The Kiwi Collection  Architectural Digest 

Interior designer Mario Buatta grabs attention with the compelling canopy on this somewhat disappearing four poster mirrored bed.Contemporist

Whether you like glitz and glamor, sophisticated elegance, or casual and cozy, anyone can have a star in their bedroom.  Whatever style one chooses for their bedroom design the room to make certain the bed captures all the attention, this leaves no room to question if there is a star in your bedroom.

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2 Responses to Is There a Star in Your Bedroom?

  1. “Star” in this case being the bed? Makes sense to me.

    And dig the patterns in that contemporary suite. I love the picture over the bed and how it plays so well with the wall treatment. 😉

    • Yep, in a bedroom the most important item is the bed… the whole point of the room so it needs to be treated as important, a focal point. Thanks for stopping by!