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Is Your Shower Head Giving You All It Can?

How do you feel about a wimpy shower?  The lackluster spurt of water washing over you with the force of a kleenex which is the result of the low-flow initiative, mandated in some states but infiltrating others with these less than stellar shower heads is often pathetic.  Don’t you want a shower which has enough oomph to rinse the soap off in a reasonable amount of time? Lisa under the sprinklerNo joke, we stole our shower head from our previous 1930’s house right before we moved (installed new shower head  for new owner – ha) to install in our latest house because we wanted a shower with some girth, not feel like we were kids running through a sprinkler.  I’m not just making this up, the sprinkler reference is real, this is me in my grandparent’s back yard many moons ago.

The old shower head finally died a few years ago.  We’ve tried the Speakman, yawn.  Even pulled the low-flow thingy out, no better. Some Kohler example with a massive head, was another yawn though the noise it made to push the water through was anything but relaxing.  Next.

Saving water is nice and relevant, but somebody please produce a low flow shower with some force!

Drum roll… the shower head which feels like it is working for you: enter H2Okinetic® technology from Delta/Brizo.

Last month while we were in Memphis, courtesy of Brizo, I along with 80 other people got to feel the difference.  No it was not a group shower!  The engineers from Brizo hooked up a typical low flow shower and one of theirs with the H2Okinetic® technology.  

Brizo Shower Head photo by Courtney M. PricePhoto courtesy of Courtney M. PriceBrizo shower head demoPhoto courtesy of Building Moxie

 With a strobe light one could see the pinpoint water droplets coming out of the regular shower head and the swirling helix of the water blasting from the Brizo faucet both with the exact same 1.5 gallons per minute.  Though with the Brizo faucet it felt like 2.5 gpm!  You can totally feel the difference.

Now besides getting a better feeling, more forceful shower in the water savings 1.5 gpm, there is more.  They have engineered the water droplets to be larger as well, which allows hot water to stay hotter longer.  Voila, another energy savings bonus as one will use less hot water.  This might just be the best low flow shower head one can find.

No more whimpy showers!!!  If you want to learn more about the H2Okinetic® technology click here for a quick video. 

Brizo, I’m coming to you for a new shower – by choice.  In all fairness they are giving us one of these new shower heads, but after feeling the difference… I’d gladly pay for it.  Once I’ve got it installed I’ll update you. 🙂 Lisa signature

As a participant in the Brizo Blogger 19 this post is written as a sponsored post in that Brizo provided our food, travel and entertainment related expenses for the Blogger 19 events.  However, all content, ideas, and words are my own.  Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow us to create new and special content like this for Decor Girl Media.

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2 Responses to Is Your Shower Head Giving You All It Can?

  1. Who knew, when you took that adore able photo as a kid, how hilariously PERFECT it would be for this post?!