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It’s Okay To Look At My Rear

There is just something mesmerizing about a vintage boattail car.  The illusions of the ability to harness sex and speed into one. For your viewing pleasure I give you: The Boattail Cars.1926 Bentley Speed Six

Is it the way the sleek top-line of the makes an aerodynamic curve inward to a point in the rear?  It is the inherent component of speed these streamlined cars produce?  Or is it the marriage of aviation and speedboats into a more obtainable mode of transportation?  Something is so captivating about this single detail, making it a coveted obsession/possession for almost every vintage car person’s dream garage. 1936 Auburn 852 Boattail SpeedsterThe car most often associated with the boattail design element, at least int the States is the Auburn Boattail Speedster. But there are so many more, most but not all were two seater roadsters.  Numerous pre-war models were available from various manufacturers but not for the masses.  These were special cars, sure to capture the gaze of every bystander.  The 1920 Ballot was an obscure Parisian offering, more race car than road car. 1927 Duesenberg X McFarlane Roadster1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom Skiff 

Some took the design of boattail a step further by creating all or partial details in actual wood to further replicate an actual boat.1926 Renault 40CV Labourdette Skiff

This Rolls-Royce stopped me dead in my tracks, not a show or auction car, just off in a parking lot at The Quail.  OMG, this was so gorgeous!  The type of car you keep, pass down and never get rid of – it is just so special.Tell me it doesn’t fly!  For more on the Rolls-Royce cars, including a gorgeous skiff visit my post highlighting Ghosts from 2011 Pebble Beach.

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