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Kitchen Drawers Make A Kitchen Work

Have you ever seen a kitchen looking like war zone?   The mixer is in on the counter in front of the microwave, the parts for the food processor are who knows where.  Someone else put a way the dishes and at a critical part in the recipe the measuring spoons are M.I.A.

A good kitchen is designed to work with you, not against you. drawersKitchen drawers can keep the most unruly kitchens in check.  Home cooks love them.  People with mobility issues find drawers more user friendly than cabinets with doors.  DSCN2934 (800x600)DSCN2944 (600x800)Drawers can be designed in various heights, DSCN2945 (800x592)to accommodate everything from silverware to accessible storage for countertop appliances.  Drawers maximize storage space and are easy to use. insertsDrawer inserts make organization a breeze.  Nowadays they are available from every cabinetmaker, high or low.  This is an essential part of working with your kitchen designer, to maximize the efficiency of your drawers. DSCN2977 (450x800)DSCN2931 (556x800)Kitchen drawers work for kitchen tools, dishes and can double as pantry storageDSCN2954 (800x600)DSCN2933 (800x600)Good kitchen design comes down to efficient use of space and organization.  Whether planning a new kitchen or revamping an old one, simply by using more drawers than doors you can have both.

The fundamental element in a happy kitchen is ease of use.  Drawers make a kitchen more efficient.  Drawers make your kitchen work for you. Lisa sigFor more on kitchen inserts see the previous post on those from Poggenpohl.

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6 Responses to Kitchen Drawers Make A Kitchen Work

  1. Do you offer kitchen organizing as well? thanks for the inspiration Lisa!

  2. Absolutely, sometimes an outside eye with no emotional attachment takes the roadblocks out of getting organized.


  3. Signature Cabinetry & Design

    YES! I recommend drawers to every residential client every place I can. Most people have a hard time moving from the “traditional” door and drawer base cabinet. When they do, they LOVE it. Thanks for the great article!

  4. Stacy Garcia

    Great post! Drawers are also much better than opening a pair of doors and then having to roll out a sliding shelf to get items.

  5. Thank you for confirming this, Stacy. As a cabinetmaker you have the inside track on what works. When I think of all the unused air space in a lower cabinet, it just seems like such a waste of money unless they fit a very specific purpose. I love my drawers under my cooktop, my pots are right where I need them and can fit so much more in a drawer than a door front cabinet.


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