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Kitchen Storage: All About That Space

Kitchen Storage All About That SpaceDo you hate a messy kitchen?

Do you get disgusted with a disorganized one?

Meghan Trainor’s , “All About That Base” song has a lot of insight.  If you listen between the lines, every inch of your kitchen may be perfect, we just have to look at storage differently.  Kitchen storage is a hot button for anyone who cooks and enjoys their ample tools and utensils.  We often ignore the options we have and forget to embrace what we’ve got.   In most cases we can’t make the kitchen bigger but we can take advantage of an existing, often ignored space, the wall or backsplash.   Storage solutions are all about the space, and how we use it.Kitchen backsplash storageThe recent kitchen shows at both Cologne and Milan were overflowing with kitchens displaying the latest in backsplash accoutrements.  Kitchen storage options are dazzling.  The backsplash offers plenty of usable space. Under cabinet backsplash storageSmall shelves, pull-out drawers and all sorts of hanging systems are available to keep the kitchen organized and what one uses at hand. Backsplash storageIn most cases the options are modular.  Start with the metal bar or rack and select storage solutions to fit your needs.  Clever Storage wall optionsThere are  easy to use ready made solutions, such as these from Clever Storage.  Others require more planning and are a must when designing a new kitchen.

Remember, kitchen storage is all about that space, about that space, no trouble.  Utilizing the kitchen backsplash puts an end to the trouble of finding extra space in the kitchen.


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