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Last Minute Guestroom Must Haves

Quick they are almost here!  Are you one of those who scurry about before your guests arrive, tidying up and trying to make sure everything is perfect?  You aren’t alone.  We are at the start of graduation and wedding season which inevitably means overnight guests.  I’m not suggesting making your guest room into a luxury hotel suite but a few extra touches go a long way. Guest Room Twin BedsGuest Room Naples FLArtwork in guest roomThis guest room ties in with an adjoining guest bathroom too.  Keeping the color palette the same in both rooms creates a feeling of luxurious ease. Coordinating guest bathGuest rooms should be attractive so guests feel welcome and not like an appendage – unless you don’t want them to sign up for a return trip.

  1. Fresh clean sheets & towels
  2. Good reading light next to the bed
  3. A choice of pillows: down/feather or other fill
  4. A quiet clock, not one of those old wind-up ones which make noise all night
  5. Reading material:  current magazines or local guidebooks
  6. Extra blanket

What makes you feel special when staying in someone’s guest room? lisa


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4 Responses to Last Minute Guestroom Must Haves

  1. Fun colors Lisa! Very pretty. It’s nice to see that people use colors other than beige, sage green, dining room red and gray. A++++

  2. Thanks Donna. Oh I think a beige guest room is about as hospitable as a sandbox. Don’t you think guest rooms need to be happy?


  3. What great ideas! I usually also put out a little basket with bottles of water, a couple of books, couple packages of cookies. Just stuff they might want on hand.

  4. Lisa M Smith

    Excellent ideas – those are items which would make me feel special. Anytime I get a cookie, I’m happy. 🙂

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