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Last Minute Interior Design Project – Ugly Bathroom

Law of Design:  How to make something ugly palatable?  Shift the focusAn event like upcoming holidays or a party often spur the need for an interior design project.  Can I confess I’m no different?  I have a hideous bathroom in need of a quick DIY fix.  How do you fix a small space without moving the walls?  Visually make it larger with wall art and hide what you can.

Here is the process of quickie make-over of my skanky old bathroom with a hideous avocado green bathtub/shower, matching sink and toilet.


1. Paint the gross tile floor.  OMG the wrong color green only made the avocado worse.  I had heard about painting tile, so in a small space why not test it?  A couple of coats of Kilz primer under white gloss paint,  the tile looks much better, so does the avocado. You’ll see in a second.2. Paint everything else white: cabinet, walls and molding.  When in doubt, paint it out.  Interior designers use this trick a lot when we want to make something go away.  New home improvement toy for women: pink spackle.  Goes on pink but dries to normal color.  Love.3.  Cheap update: change the toilet.  For $100, a new white toilet made a huge difference and one less block of green.

4.  Change the faucet.   Since this isn’t an everyday use bathroom an inexpensive faucet is a nice improvement.5. Color scheme.  This wasn’t the right green for pink and green.  A blue and green shower curtain is perfect (I removed the old Plexiglas shower door) and allows the green to make sense in a tolerable way.

6. Wall Art.  In a bathroom?  Wall decals to the rescue.

Want quick, easy and inexpensiveWalls Need Love (WNL) wall decals are awesome.  You can get a lot of wow for your $$ with these.  Oooodles of options are available but restraint allowed me to find a similar design to the shower curtain.  Order online and they arrive in your hands a few days later. 

Armed with a concept and the Black and Decker laser level, I found myself in peel-n-stick heaven.  Anyone can so a super fast home decor fix-up with wall decals.

 Cool, huh?  Hip improvement for minimal cost and effort.  Wall decals are an easy DIY fix to spruce up your home decor in minutes.

Learn from my mistake:  I have almost half the wall decals left, so don’t order too many.

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