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Legalized Holiday Snooping

It is Thanksgiving week, interior design and home decor seems a bit like a moot point.  What is done, is done and if it’s not – oh well.  But, holidays are a great time for interior research and exploration.  If you are visiting others take advantage of this opportunity to get a little more from your host this year, let’s call it legalized snooping. 🙂

If you are contemplating a future interior project, visiting others can be a great source of what works and what doesn’t.  Cut back on the cocktails and load up on the buffet of free information.

Notice how they place their furniture, if there is enough seating and cocktail tables.  As it begins to get dark, how is the lighting?  Pay close attention to how you feel in the space.  What is making you comfortable or uncomfortable?  Are there pleasant items to look at, but not too many?  Careful observation can reveal useful tidbits and I’m not just talking the gossipy stuff.  Nobody need’s to know the holiday pictures you are busily snapping have nothing to do with the guests.  

Photos: 1. Muse Interiors 2. Michael Graydon for House & Home  3. For The Love of A House


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