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Let Tile Lead Your Interior Design

Decorative tile stores are like a jewelry box for home interiors, everywhere you look there is one more piece which catches your eye and begs for a change in design direction.  This is why it is imperative to find the unchangeable decorative elements first then build – not the other way around.

This is another how to on using decorative tile in an interior.  Again my partner is Avente Tile because they have some of the coolest tiles available.

These handcrafted Cuban Heritage cement floor tiles create a glorious design story, which is reason enough to use them where they will have an impact.  Vibrant colors of brick, gold, salmon, cream and black generate a distinctive color scheme. The size of the pattern, each chevron covers approximately 24″ across by 16″ wide, dictates the tile should be used in a rather sizable area.

By using the tile in the main entrance foyer (tile in drawing is not to scale), this sets the theme and color palette for the interiors of the corresponding spaces as well.   I like using this bold tile here because it visually balances the larger two story great room and the views beyond.  The jute rug from Merida becomes necessary texture and a foil to the smooth Cuban tiles and quiet white travertine throughout the rest of the area.

With the tile is our color key, here are the main selections for the rest of the adjoining space:

  1. Maya Romanoff Mother of Pearl wall tiles
  2. Vervain Chevillion fabric for drapery
  3. Manuel Canovas Beucaire fabric on pair of sofas and club chairs
  4. Donghia Espadrille fabric on chaise
  5. Pollack Duo fabric for throw pillows
  6. Designer’s Guild wallpaper in dining room
  7. Duralee Canary fabric for drapery in dining room

Hopefully this will illustrate why interior design for a project belongs on the front end.  By allowing the Cuban tile to dictate our palette it becomes easy to weave the colors throughout the public spaces on the main floor.  This coordination of colors is what unites the interior and creates comfort.  The space flows beautifully when you start with a really wonderful tile.

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4 Responses to Let Tile Lead Your Interior Design

  1. Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    I see this and I think “warmth”. It’s just beautiful and strong at the same time. Well done!

    Have a blessed day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. William Buyok

    Thanks again for another great post on how to create great design with decorative tile! The concept board really shows how all of the materials work together in your design.

  3. Lisa M Smith

    Thank you Bill for having such great tiles to work with. It was fun!



  4. Lisa M Smith

    Thank you, Luciane. I’m sure I can get some lacquer walls in there too! 🙂


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