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Let’s Throw Pillows!

Need a quick and easy way to perk up your home decor or change the flavor for the season?  Try adding some new throw pillows this year.  They can be a fun way to introduce texture to a room.  Throw pillows are a great way to bring in a different color or add a little sizzle to the existing decor.


Interior designer tip: Pillows are a great place to use a small amount of a really fabulous (expensive) fabric and end up with a lot of style for a minimal investment.  Yes, it can be hard to choke down a few hundred dollars for “a pillow” but it’s a boat-load cheaper than 30 yards of the same fabric to cover the sofa!  It’s just a pillow, no quibbling.  (Just hide the bill from your husband.)

Pillows feed our need to accessorize.  However, over accessorizing is not good decorating.  Try not use so many a person can’t sit or sleep without redecorating.  The Apartment Therapy blog had a rather lively discussion on this.   Try some new pillow for the season, but remove the old. 🙂  What are your thoughts on throw pillows?

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