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Light Up Your Driveway or Patio For Free

Illuminating pavers from Seves Glass Block just might be the next hot thing in driveway and patio design. Imagine driveway or patio lights beefy enough to drive on but so simple they don’t require electrical skills.  Now imagine once installed these outdoor lights also don’t cost you a dime.

Earlier this year while walking the trade show isles I spied a company offering glass block.  Whaat?  I thought this went out in the 80’s… bad glass block did.  Visions of bad “glamour” baths come to mind.  Yuck!  My cynical self was just aching to say something but I couldn’t, this glass block was new, it was cool, it is modern and timely.  No there wasn’t any “kool-aid” involved.    We were smitten with these Seves illuminating pavers.Composed of solar powered, low-voltage illuminating glass pavers with 3, 4 or 8 LEDs* — the Photovoltaic Collection is a fast, easy and low-cost alternative to electrical ground lighting.  How does a 50,000 hour life span sound?  This means 10 years of light with no electrical bill.The Luminescent Collection is comprised illuminating phosphorescent crystals housed inside the glass block chamber.  Luminescent pavers naturally absorb energy when exposed to light, harnessing it within, and then releasing it as a soft, delicate glow when dark.

These are brilliant and require no wiring or electrical skills.  Of course these offer infinitely better lighting capability than the typical DIY stick-in-the-ground solar lighting which are fainter than a firefly.  These actually give off light and are architect worthy!  So easy, I could install them.  Glass block just got elevated to cool status. 

* Each LED bulb produces 3000-3500MCD.  MCD is a millicandle.  1000MCD = 1 candela which is the amount of light one candle would produce at the source.

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