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Lighting Is The New Home Jewelry

Lighting is one of those home decor categories where there is always something new and exciting.  Fortunately it can often be a simple item in a home to change.  Good thing, because it was as if a treasure chest full of opulent jewels exploded last week at market.  Hmmm, maybe time for some new lighting…Lighting today is all about the bling factor.  We want bright, pretty, glittery things!  Fabric shades are looking so yesterday.  Today lighting has to shine.Strands of colored beads draped themselves amongst the showrooms and for someone with a jewelry fetish this tickled all the right senses.   OMG, turquoise, green and pink… how can one decide?

Showrooms featured lots of shine in both mirror and crystals but to inject some personality it will be all about the beads.  Lighting decisions are always made more difficult because of the choices, but now they’ve added color too!  Lighting just got really fun.

Wanna easy update for your interior?  How about a quick fix before the holidays? I’m thinking some sparkle will do the trick.

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