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Like Music When Driving? Roadtrip Mixtape Is For You

Roadtrip Mixtape ApplicationWho’s got the time to make a new playlist every time they go on a road trip, to work out the timing and precisely plan the mix to avoid repeats, keep it interesting and throw in some new tracks?  Nobody, unless you use a new free online application called Roadtrip Mixtape.

If you like to listen to music while driving but are tired of the same old playlist, you’ve got to try it.

The other day I happened across this, and wow, it is flipping awesome, I mean really awesome.

Technology improves the quality of your drive…Roadtrip MixtapeLet’s say you are going on a drive, enter your starting destination and ending destination.  The app links up with Google Maps, creates a map for your trip and a corresponding playlist of local artists via Spotify from the points along the way you’ll be driving through.

The map is broken down into 15 minute legs and using the nearest five unplayed artists they create a 15 minute playlist.  How cool is that?

Now this is brand new, released in July 2014, so it is still in progress.  They have a mobile version planned and Spotify playlists are coming soon, eventually you’ll be able to specify the genre too.  But for now you can enjoy a really cool mixtape which relates to where you are driving.

Try it, you’ll discover new music and be surprised but some old favorites.  Roadtrip Mixtape, it’s free and will make your drive go by faster!


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