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Louboutin – Fashionable Feet or Closet Art

Any girl with an eye on style knows exactly the bright red flash of an under-sole of a shoe is the work of Christian Louboutin. Whether or not one wears them, we almost all like to look at them.

Christian Louboutin Flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC

Flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC

His high heel creations they are coveted by the young and old.  Yes, he even did a shoe collection for Barbie, if that tells you how young his appreciators are.  Us chicks like our shoes like guys like their cars.

In the July 2011 issue of InStyle Magazine, cover model Eva Longoria admitted she bought shoes she never wears just to look at them.  Glad to know, this is okay because these Swarovski crystal encrusted blue stunners are $3000+ and definitely qualify as art.  I could totally see doing a wall of cube shelves to feature shoes.  Hey, we love them why not look at them?

Blue Christian Louboutin ShoeFor anyone shopping for the latest Loubou’s in the city, Bergdorf Goodman has the largest selection followed by 10022 at Saks.   But do not miss the 965 Madison boutique.

Okay I confess I did relieve the Madison Avenue store of a pair of  wearable art – B&W stripe pony skin flat sandals, not at the big stores!  Of course they meet the #1 requirement of comfort too.  Blame my sister-in law.  She said (it is a rule) for women who go to the gynecologist, if you have to look at your feet at the doctor (in those stirrups) – you get a new pair of shoes!   I went to the doctor in April & May – shoe credits. 🙂 🙂

Talkshoes.com does a great job at introducing the latest stunners on their blog, in case one wants to covet online.Lisa signature

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