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Mad For Plaid Is Fashionable In Mosaic Tile

Leave it to designer Sara Baldwin of New Ravenna Mosaics to reinvent the stodgy images of red, blue, and hunter green patterns in cold Scottish castles and interject her own buffet of color and style into plaid and gingham mosaic tiles for the home.  Using glass and stone, Sara has twisted the old patterns to create new classics.        Traditionalist or not, prep or grunge-baby, plaid is one of those old-world patterns which withstands the test of time and can now fit into almost any home for a classic or contemporary look.  The time has come for mosaic tile to blow the lid off the typical grid patterns and replace the notions of crafty with sophistication.  One has to only glance to Spring 2013 Fashion Runways to confirm these patterns are completely on trend.  Plaid and gingham done in mosaic glass is nothing short of extraordinary.  Using both glass or stone allows a wonderful depth within the confines of pure color which only adds to the beauty of the design.  Last spring designers at the annual Kitchen and Bath show (KBIS) declared an end to the painted wall as a backsplash.  Tile is a popular option for many areas of the home and can be a feature as much as a functional finish element.

Glass mosaic tile is not a trend but a staple in the modern interior, well beyond just kitchen and bath designs.   Where might one use one of Sara’s new designs?  These decorative patterns can add visual interest to feature wall locations in a living room, entrance hall, kitchen or bathroom. Make your Lilly Pulitzer dreams come true with this pink and green plaid tile to offset pure white cabinetry or even the front entrance floor of a beachy cottage. Or dig deeper with the blues, grays and greens of this sharp gingham tile for an ultra-cool backsplash.   Another option would be to inset as a “rug” or border in a plain tile floor.  Take one look at the options and the possibilities for walls or floors become endless.

Tile is the new little black dress for the home.  Home interiors can be timeless and fashionable.  This tile from New Ravenna Mosaics is a wonderful way to infuse a contrast of color and pattern into a home.  Just like a stripe, plaid or gingham gives order to a space which in today’s chaotic world is a good thing.   Next time you are looking for tile consider adding a little highland fling to your home.


Photos: Max Mara photo by Giovanni Giannoni via WWD, tile photos courtesy of New Ravenna Mosaics.

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3 Responses to Mad For Plaid Is Fashionable In Mosaic Tile

  1. New Ravenna

    Dear Lisa,
    We are thrilled with your blog! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share with your readers. We love the suggestions, and adore the term Highland fling. Everyone here is very thankful. Have a wonderful weekend.
    The team at New Ravenna

  2. Awe thank you! Now could you just slow down on creating all this cool tile, I can’t keep up with projects to use it on? 🙂


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