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Making Homemade Donuts Is Easy!

Got a houseful of guests in need of breakfast?  Make them fresh donuts and you’ll be their favorite host.  Doughnuts or donuts it makes no difference, one is more old-fashioned but both equal indulgent goodness.   These however are great old-fashioned cake doughnuts which means flavorful without being disgustingly sweet. This recipe comes from my grandmother who the entire family agrees can not cook… accept for fried chicken and doughnuts.  My brother and I recently laughed about this when I made them for his family’s visit.  The woman could screw up a cookie.  But these doughnuts are awesome!   In our family they were called fry-cakes or fried cakes. The key to this recipe is using fresh, not old outdated, baking powder.   Real buttermilk also adds to the flavor and fluffiness.  I do have my grandmother’s doughnut cutter but a new one works just fine.  No waste here, always keep the holes for bite-size nibbling.   Do not roll out too thick or they will not cook all the way through.  Use a deep enough pan/dutch oven so the oil doesn’t splatter.  These doughnuts are brown when cooked not golden.  I flip as soon as the edges brown then once more after the second side is dark.   Brown paper bags, another old school trick, on top of the cooling rack are great for absorbing excess oil.  I cut the bag in half so I have two; switch when needed.  This is a great tip for buttery cookies too, especially chocolate chip.  These really are super easy.  Dipping in cinnamon and sugar is a tradition and really the mix is by eye and taste.  I recently made the dough the night before, got up started rolling out and frying and in less than an hour I was finished.  They keep for 4-5 days in a partially open zip-top bag.  They can also be frozen.  This is a fun family tradition which I can attest will always be an enjoyable memory.  Have fun!

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4 Responses to Making Homemade Donuts Is Easy!

  1. Delish! Lisa, I just printed this out to make over the holidays. Donuts made easy…can’t beat it.

    Thanks, Lady!

  2. BTW…is there anything better than a donut hole?

  3. You’ll enjoy them Chris. I suppose you could glaze them too. We also used to slice them in half and spread with strawberry jam. Let me know how they turn out.


  4. Not much, in terms of food anyways. 🙂

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