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March Into The Closet

Our room focus for the month of March is the closet.  We are going to talk storage and how to make it work for you.  With so many fabulous closets out there to choose from we chose Carrie and Big’s Closet from Sex and The City 2 as our inspiration room. Photographer: Craig Blankenhorn via Elle Decor

Why Carrie and Big’s closet is good for inspiration?

  1. It is not mega huge – most of us don’t have tons of space.
  2. Shows his and hers in same area.
  3. Organized but real.
  4. Cabinetry and drawers – some things just belong in a drawer.
  5. Cut in two, it is still a great closet.

Great closets are about tackling storage in a usable and organized manner.  Our homes and lifestyles are changing – we have gone from folding to preferring everything on a hanger which is much more convenient.  Dressers are out and built-ins are in.  Even realtors have found a well designed closet to be a worthy sales tool, see The New York Times article.

As we go through the month we’ll cover tips on organization, closet cabinetry, closet etiquette and tackle other storage woes.  On a final note, a well designed closet does not require a well endowed wallet.

What is your favorite inspiration closet?

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