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Memorial Day: RememberIng Those Who Fought

Memorial Day Family History

This Memorial Day, underneath the celebratory flair of the first weekend of summer I celebrate those who came before me, who fought for our country, family history, my relative who fought in the Civil War.

What is the red white and blue all about? How did you get here?  What impact did your forefathers have?Civil War 7th Michigan Calvalry

I feel lucky to have had a family member who fought in the Civil War in the 7th Michigan Cavalry, who was wounded in battle, and made it through to plant the seeds which eventually turned into me.

This connection to the past is what makes history interesting. Recently I visited the battlefields where he fought, maybe walked on the ground he traveled, read a book which talked about the battles he was in, mind you military history is not one of my interests, but because there was a connection, the history had meaning. Remember Gettysburg

As a child I remember being dragged through Gettysburg, bored out of my mind, agonizing over the thought of driving or walking through one more battlefield. Nowadays, it still isn’t at the top of my list of favorite things to do, but in honor of my forefathers who fought, I can remember to respect those who came before me, and feel a gentle tug when I pass by a relevant place in history where one of my relatives made a difference.

Happy Memorial Day.


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