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Memories of Christmas I Didn’t Know I Had

Happy Pre-Christmas Eve!!!

Okay so I’m one of those who likes to milk a holiday, birthday, anniversary for as long as I can.  Since Christmas is on Sunday this year, why not start early?  For me it starts with the unpacking the first ornament and as I’m lucky to have many old ones, they always inspire remembering.

I was very fortunate to have a mom who made a “keeper box” for my brother and I.  She saved report cards, a few pieces of childhood clothing, lots of pictures, letters, and Christmas ornaments.  As I was mining through a box, I realized she didn’t start this, nor did my grandmother but more likely a great or great-great grandmother.  My intention was to look for Christmas pictures and here is what I found.

A Christmas card made by my mom in 4th grade, in Lisa Blue – way before there was an iota of a thought of a Lisa.  I never realized I had this.  I don’t recall ever seeing it before.  Why did I stumble upon it this year?  My mom’s favorite color was always green.  So why did she make this card, 14 years before I was born in what is the exact shade of my favorite color of blue?  Funky.  The meaning I get is just my mom looking down and saying Merry Christmas.   Merry Christmas to you Mummy.Holidays are as much about remembering as creating new memories.  I’m not a proponent of keeping lots of old stuff, I’m far from a hoarder.  But it is fun to come across things which remind one of their history and what came before them.

Here is hoping you and your family can look fondly on the past and create wonderful days ahead.


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