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Mid Century Architecture Through The Eyes of Julius Shulman

If you’ve ever been visually awed by those early photos of modern California architecture to the point of feeling as you’ve stepped into the scene you were likely looking at photographs taken by the most celebrated architectural photographer of all time, Julius Shulman.

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman is an enjoyable film covering the Mr. Shulman’s life with architecture.  Much of the film includes Mr. Shulman talking about particular homes.  He revisits the Stahl house still owned by the original owners and other homes where he graciously shares his original photographs and recollections with those wishing to remove bad transformations and revive the original architecture. The 1 hr and 23 minute film left me hungry for more. For more on the making of the file visit their blog.

Mr. Shulman brought California Mid-Century Modern architecture to the attention of the entire world with his impeccable eye for capturing a structure and bringing it to life.  The often arrogant Frank Lloyd Wright was so moved upon seeing one of Shulman’s photographs and he had to have him doing his photos.  Since the 1930’s Mr. Shulman has served up a visual buffet of the architecture of Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, R.M. Schindler and the latest Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry.Julius Shulman Los Angeles Photo via Rizzoli

Rizzoli published this wonderful book, “Julius Shulman Los Angeles” for those wanting to linger or study his photos from their own living room.  On the cover is the interior of a Frank Lloyd Wright creation.

If you are a true aficionado of Julius Shulman’s work and want to salivate over his original photos, pull an extra $300 out of your wallet and spring for the three volume edition “Julius Shulman: Modernism Rediscovered” by Taschen.  (Note to husband: add to gift list.)

Julius Shulman: Modernism Rediscovered

Photo via Taschen Books

If you have any interest in architecture or interior design (of course you do or you wouldn’t be here) you’ll enjoy learning about Julius Shulman and viewing architecture and interior design from his viewpoint.  He was a photographer who cared as much about the viewer as the subject.  Enjoy!

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