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More Classic Ferraris From Palm Beach Cavallino Classic

I promise, no red Ferraris.  How is it I’ve become enamored with Ferraris?  Yes, I know, I don’t even like the color red.  To begin with they aren’t all red, in fact the majority of the pre-1970 models sport colors much less flashy than the namesake Rossa Corsa1953 Ferrari 166 MM 7 (1024x609)This is matte grey, not the most aerodynamic pf paint jobs and I can’t comment on the authenticity of the color but this is a 166 MM (Mille Miglia) which would make speed and time relevant.1952 Ferrari 212 Export TouringGlossy black allows one to really appreciate the lines and details of this 212 Export Touring car.  1955 Ferrari 375 America PF Speciale 2 (1024x633)Italian design is great but the color combo on this 375 America PF Speciale is special.  It is especially hideous.  Oh, I know it may very well be authentic which I always appreciate.  Once in a while one has to look past a color.  However, in Ferrari world, the wrong (or difficult to appreciate) color can negatively impact a sale price.  Up or down, still ugly.  1960 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cab Speciale 4 (800x600)How about this aqua blue metallic 250 GT PF Cab Speciale next to a (authentic) purple DinoFerrari 275 GTS (800x503)In one of the more well know colors, Giallo (yellow), this 275 GTS will always turn heads.  There was a silver one on the field too, but not so sharp.

These early Ferraris are among the most spectacular in terms of design.  Similarities are small due to this being the era of the coachbuilder, which allowed every model to have its own distinctive style.  Each one is special, and not just in terms of present market value, which is beyond special.   Build numbers were low and today these bring prices from $800,000 to well over $1 million.

Let’s see, relating this to interior furnishings like I did in previous fashion and man stuff posts… 1 Ferrari = a house.  These are investments, which do appreciate. 🙂 Lisa sig2

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