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New Blanco Farm Sink For Contemporary Kitchens

Finally a farm sink which goes contemporary or traditional.  Don’t you just hate it when you love some product but just can’t use it because it “fights” with your interior style?  Kitchens are pretty uniform, either contemporary or traditional and rarely a mix.  The farm sink has often fit this category, people love the big deep bowl but it can look out of place in with sleek modern cabinetry so they choose something else- not any more thanks to Blanco. Notice how the front is flush with the flat front cabinets and looks completely at home?  The new reversible BLANCO CERANA Apron Front sink (aka farm sink) made from stain resistant and super durable Fireclay swings both ways, literally.  What makes this unique is the reversible design.  What is reversible, you might ask. Two different corner radius measurements adds versatility as the ultra slim sink installs to feature either a traditional rounded or contemporary contoured apron front.  Genius! From a manufacturing standpoint this is pure brilliance, build one sink rather than two – which keeps the consumer costs down.  Just make sure your contractor knows which end is “up” when he installs your new sink. 🙂

Photo credits: 1. Silestone (Blanzo Zeus countertop) kitchen photo. 2-4 Courtesy of Blanco USA.

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3 Responses to New Blanco Farm Sink For Contemporary Kitchens

  1. Lisa M Smith

    Hmmm, how so?

  2. This sink has a very unique look being in the island. The deep bowl seems like it would be very handy.

  3. Up close it is even better!


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