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New Fabrics Bring Nature Into Your Home

Let New Fabrics Bring Nature Into Your HomeInterior designers always talk about inspiration for a room, interior or color scheme and one of the best places to find inspiration is in nature. Nature has the complete color palette for everyone’s desire. Here are four pleasing interior palettes with fresh new fabrics from the latest collections to get you started. Interior fabrics in Ocean ColorsLet’s start with a dip in the ocean.  Water offers gradient layers of colors from the darkest blues to a light ethereal green aqua.  The new collection from Designer’s Guild lets you dive in either end or meet in the middle.  Interior fabrics in purples and bluesWater gives us endless blues but there is something about the blues found in a flower as they shift into purples.  Eileen Katherine Boyd designed a scrumptious selection for Duralee in this yummy palette. Tasteful interior fabrics in tropical colorsNature’s florals from greens to hot reds hit their vibrant peak in the tropics and the NOUVEAUX MONDES collection from the design color master, Christian Lacroix, can add the right dose of happy to any room. Interior fabrics in desert colorsWe end our journey in the desert, the Sonoran desert, full of sand, green, and orange clay.  Ralph Lauren’s new Corral Canyon collection is made for those seeking an earthy palette.

From the ocean to the sea,there is a world full of interior color palette inspiration available without having to pack your suitcase.  Interior fabrics from the latest collections are sure to get your head swirling with ideas for a new room or interior makeover.


Fabric Swatch Photos:

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