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New Ravenna Mixes Mosaics in a Fresh Way

Cool products and materials come across my desk on a daily basis, so something has to be really wonderful to get my attention.  (Yes, it requires more than just good color.)  There are hundreds of gorgeous tiles available but rarely does something new come along.

Pamir glass mosaic in Quartz, Iolite, and Lapis Lazuli jewel glass

When I saw this Ikat Collection of tile designs from New Ravenna Mosaics my heart literally skipped a beat.  Even when I wasn’t thinking about design, I couldn’t get them out of my head.  I immediately tweeted gushing like a lovesick schoolgirl.  Didn’t help that I had just finished my new bathroom drawings when I learned about this tile.  Redesign, stat!

Pamir jewel glass mosaic in Quartz and mirror

Loom Ikat

New Ravenna Mosaics was founded by Sara Baldwin from her kitchen table in Virginia and will soon celebrate 20 years in business as a premier designer and manufacturer of bespoke glass and stone mosaics.  Sarah and her team have been able to capture the magic of old world mosaics and infuse them with a freshness which appeals to both residential and commercial clients all over the world.

7 inch loom

Brilliant colors infuse old style patterns with a modern glamor.   Ikat as a textile has been around for centuries and lately a hot interior design trend.   Ikat patterns used to be found in only the more traditional fabric manufacturers with large historical document collections.  Today everybody has it.  Point being, it’s not going to be outdated in the near future, neither are mosaics for that matter.

So of course I’m re-accessing my entire bathroom to see if I can work in the Ikat tiles.  They need to be featured like this wall of Sophie mosaic above.  When I’m in love I fall hard.

Tiles from New Ravenna Mosaics are available through over 200 specialized showrooms throughout the United States and internationally.  One of my favorites is Filmore Clark in West Hollywood, CA, which offers tile from only the best in American Manufacturers.

Happy Tiling!

All photos owned & provided by New Ravenna Mosaics

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