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Noted Ferrari Enthusiast Preston Henn Passed Away

Preston Henn RIPOn April 30th, 2017, noted Ferrari enthusiast Preston Henn passed away at age 86 in his home in Hillsboro, Florida. Henn was the eccentric owner of the massively successful Swap Shop flea market, second only to Disney World as a Florida tourist attraction.

Throughout the years we often came across some of his fabulous Ferraris at the Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, Florida. The first time I saw this white haired older man climb out a Ferrari FXX after leaving the track at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR), I couldn’t help but smile. People who don’t let age confine them and who enthusiastically drive their very special cars are impressive. To be adept on the track at his age, was admirable. RIP Preston.

Ferrari FXXHere Preston’s yellow Ferrari FXX is seen leaving The Breakers after the Cavallino Classic in 2014.

Based on the street legal Ferrari Enzo (red car below), Ferrari began building the track only FXX in 2005 as a limited edition of 30. With increased displacement, boosted output, and upgraded brake pads from the original Enzo, the onboard monitoring system allows the driver and Ferrari technicians to know exactly what is going on with each FXX. Preston Henn's Enzo and Ferrari FXXsWhile one may own the car, Ferrari maintains it and drivers are only to drive it on Ferrari approved track days.

Preston Henn and his FerrarisAt the edge of the shot, is Preston in front of what he brought to PBIR on this particular day. Gotta love his affinity for Fly Yellow!

Ferrari 275 GTB C Berlinetta SpecialeThe rare Ferrari 275 GTB/C is one of those legendary cars which has taken on mythic proportions. Our earlier post, A Very Special Ferrari, offers a glimpse of this car with the unusual nose. And the legend grows as rumors are swirling online about the 275 Preston would never sell, will it be sold and for how much?

Read more about one-of-a-kind businessman Preston Henn in his obituary at the Sun Sentinal.


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