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October Target – Making Interiors Ready For Entertaining

This October, since the major home entertaining season is right around the corner we are going to dedicate the blog to making your home inviting.  Hosting any parties soon?  We’ll have some easy to implement decorating ideas to make sure your home says “welcome” to all who enter.

THE COME HITHER ROOMHouse Beautiful photo by VICTORIA PEARSONThis lovely room from a recent House Beautiful magazine is the perfect example of a gracious room.  Cozy, comfortable, inviting and not intimidating.   It isn’t all designer-licious or oozing an over done zeal.  Chic and homey.  Yum, yum, yum.


House Beautiful photo by MARGRETHE MYHRERWhile this at first glance is a lovely room, by comparison to the room above it is not cozy or inviting.  Why?  This is a case of the furniture being too leggy.  Too many legs make a room lack permanence and stability, two things which invite people to linger.

A room full of legs looks like a waiting room and we all know those are the last place we feel truly comfortable.  Sit down, get up and leave.

How do you get here?  There is one simple concept, how about we call it a formula.  No math, I promise.


Legs and no legsEasy as pie!  The formula is mix leggy furnishings with skirted or to-the-floor bases.  Leggy furnishings give a sense of airiness and interest from a sculptural standpoint.  Skirted  upholstery or casegoods which go right to the floor, offer the feeling of being grounded = comfortable.

Mixing gives personality, adds interest and makes the room say welcome, exactly what we are going for.

A gracious home has little to do with money and lots to do with thoughtfulness of the homeowner.  These small but significant details when decorating a room make the difference between inviting and go away.  A living, siting or family room needs to invite one to linger.


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Stay tuned and we’ll decorate together to get your home ready for entertaining.


Interior Photos: House Beautiful

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3 Responses to October Target – Making Interiors Ready For Entertaining

  1. good point about too many legs- looking forward to the rest of the series!

  2. Great point about “too leggy” and how to deal with that. Mix it up, love the color pop, this will help me in my still unfinished space. Thank you Lisa!

  3. Thank you Sandy for stopping by. It is funny about the leggy thing, people really tune into it once they hear it.

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