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Oh The Places I Saw In 2013

What a year we had in 2013!  Isn’t fun to look back to see all you’ve accomplished in 365 days?

Lisa BlogTour Cologne The year began with collecting new european stamps for the passport with BlogTour Cologne then onto criss-crossing the USA, cars, design, design and more cars… all for you, and my clients, I have a day job as interior designer too.  Searching for new interior design products and inspiration plus a bit of automotive activities for my fellow classic car and supercar lovers. Happy Birthday Decor GirlA new blog skin was unveiled as we celebrated three years and a milestone of over 700 blog posts.

Here is a short slide show of the highlights from 2013, please enjoy.  Be kind, it my first time with iMovie. 🙂

Thanks to all of you who read our ongoing notebook of design information, inspiration and ideas.   In 2014 we will continue to bring you more great posts on products, design concepts, architecture, lifestyle influence, fabulous food, travel hints, and as we all have an alter ego we will continue to end each week with a bit of provocative automotive indulgence.Lisa

Photo credits from video:

  • Dwell on Design photos with me in them courtesy of Michael Garcia
  • Brizo group photo – courtesy of Brizo.
  • Blogger Retreat: 1 Lynne Knowlton,  2-9 Courtney Price, 10 Tristan Knowton
  • Final photo courtesy of my husband
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8 Responses to Oh The Places I Saw In 2013

  1. Thank you Donna. Isn’t it fun to see where life takes you?

  2. 2013 was stellar! I have a feeling 2014 is going to be even better. Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, stellar is a great way to describe our 2013! Happy New Year to you my friend.

  4. Loving this video!!! What a year. Enjoyed being part of some of the fun things you highlighted. 🙂

  5. What a fun recap Lisa! I look forward to the fun we’re going to make in 2014!!

  6. jb @BuildingMoxie

    great job with the slideshow and a love the tunes. What a Year! Cheers. Lisa. ~jb

  7. Thank you, glad we finally met face to face in 2013. Who know’s what we’ll do in 2014.

  8. Awe thank you, it was certainly a year of making new friends!

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