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Out With The Old – Less Offers More Style in Interior Design

Trends come and go in interior design but one idea which has staying power is the less is more concept.  For the past few years interiors have gotten easier on the eyes and more relaxing to be in.  A beautiful room is not packed full of furniture and needless tchotchkes, but curated with the right about of useable furniture and a limited amount of stuff competing for your attention.

Too Much Going On In The RoomDated interiorThis room is impossible to relax in, unless it is 100% dark, one makes no attempt at movement and those crazy looking sconces are never lit.  There is too much going on visually.  Nothing is working in this room.

  • Too many pillows
  • Ceiling is too heavy for the room
  • Wrong drapery
  • Too much furniture
  • Too many meaningless decorative items
  • Too many photos on top of the table
  • Too many plants (is this from the 1970’s?)

Less Is MoreLake Tahoe LR via Interiors MagazineHere  we have similar elements: wood ceiling, stone fireplace, wood floor, windows and beige.  Notice how much more enjoyable this room feels than the other.

Too Fluffy Frou FrouDated feminine living roomThe battle of the sexes has ended in the interior.  Today’s rooms are an enjoyable mix of feminine and masculine which makes everyone happy.

Curated and PurposefulStylish living roomEmpty space is intoxicatingly luxurious. Gone are the days when one had to fill the room with furniture.

Too Much Forced Pretense

Forced master bedroomWhat were they thinking?  Let’s have a ball in the master bedroom?  Here is a case of to large of room for the purpose.  Today so much overly swag’d fabric comes off as trying to hard.  The wrong scaled furniture for the wrong sized room will never be beautiful or comfortable.

A Bedroom Is A Bedroom 
Gracious master bedroom On the other hand, a smaller space but decorated with simpler items makes this master bedroom scream with enjoyment.  This room is infinitely more comfortable than the previous bedroom.

Today we spend more time laughing at the McMansions than dreaming about living in one.  We are more mindful of our interior spaces.  We want comfort, luxury, personality and beauty.  It is time to banish the excess and pretense in interiors, besides it is looking rather old.

Buy what you need, need what you use.  This is the ultimate luxury, which has nothing to do with how much is spent.



Photos: 1,3 & 5 Pricey Pads, 2, 4 & 6 Interiors Magazine

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4 Responses to Out With The Old – Less Offers More Style in Interior Design

  1. Yes, less is more… And scale is so important too…that should be an interior design school lesson.

  2. Ok Lisa, I seriously need for you to redesign every room in my house. These are stunning!

    • Thank you Jeanne. One designer trick you can start with: remove half over everything you have on shelves and tables – if more than 3 things and then, move on to the furniture. When in doubt, leave it out. 🙂