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Outdoor Patio Decor Finds From Etsy

Today with so many products available I tend to gravitate to ones with a story.  One place to find such items is on Etsy – one stop shopping for unique, special and often hand-produced items.  Since Outdoor Living has been our focus for April I thought I’d share some furniture finds from Etsy. This colorful outdoor seating comes from Our Whimsical Garden, a family company in Boise, ID.  Tara comes up with “crazy, new things for Mark to build” and does the painting.  Built of Western Red Cedar and finished with exterior quality paint, their fun seating can bring a smile to any outdoor setting.  Of course what I find really impressive is they don’t mind letting you choose the color or will leave it natural and customize to your requirements.  Can’t get that from a big-box retailer!

Artisan concrete anyone?  Here comes the eye candy.This Concrete Fire Table from Epic Home Goods out of St. Petersburg, FL really caught my attention.  As I posted on Monday outdoor fireplaces are a popular way to make an outdoor living space cozy.   For those with limited space, a fire table, this is 48″L x 18″W x 16″H, might be the perfect solution.  The small firebox burns clean odor-free ethanol.   Of course Johnathan is open to discussing any customizations you have as well.

One of the things I like to encourage for any space, for interior or outdoor living, is to find pieces which are unique.  Etsy is a great source for locating the unique and special artisans which create wonderful products.   If you are reading design posts you are someone who does not want their living spaces full of the same cookie-cutter objects everyone else has, good for you!  Hop on over the Etsy to find something for your outdoor or patio space.

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