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Paper or Plastic for Outdoor Dining?

The summer season is awash of fresh colors for outdoor entertaining regardless of the current fashion trends.  Brilliant watery blues, sunny yellow, lemonade pink, grassy green and strawberry red are never out of flavor once summer hits.  Dining alfresco seems to always pull these bright colors into the mix as colorful plates and drinkware come in what seems like endless new options.  Which got me to thinking…

What do you use for outdoor dining: paper, plastic or breakables?Products by column: MyPaperShop.com, Plates and Napkins, Caspari, and  Factory Direct PartyProducts: La Plates, Home Infatuation, Decorative Things, and Kid Smart Living.

Or are you willing to mix and match? Marimeko table via Crate & Barrel

There does not seem to be one set of outdoor dining etiquette rules for dinnerware, which is lovely because everyone seems to have their own take.  For some, location or dining companions dictates their choice.  Do tell, anyone using fine china on the beach, with children and send a picture. 🙂

I think I follow my mom and grandmothers: nothing good (breakable) goes outdoors.  When the warm weather invites us outdoors I just naturally switch to plastic plates and drinkware for outdoor dining.  We all make our own rules on this one, but our differences fascinate me.  Please take our poll on what you do when it comes to dinnerware for outdoor dining?

Do you use paper or plastic dinnerware for outdoor dining?

  • Paper plates
  • Plastic / melamine plates
  • Mix and match
  • Ceramic or other breakable dinnerware
  • Whatever is easiest


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