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Perfect DIY Home Decor Book For Creative Millennials

Made By Yourself DIY Home Project BookWhen one is young and starting out with their first home away from home, home decor and furnishing is so exciting.  Making your own furniture and decorative objects is fun but budget friendly and we’ve got just the book full of DIY projects.

Made By Yourself: 100 Percent Handmade Designer DIY Projects For The Home, by interior stylist Peter Fehrentz, is full of current projects appropriate for today’s stylish living.   The publisher of his new American version of this inspiring book has allowed me to share a few images with you.

Get ready this is DIY like you’ve never seen before.  This is DIY, the cool versionDIY Cardboard ConsoleDIY CARDBOARD CONSOLE – Seriously is this amazing or what?  Gotta love furniture one can make yourself.  Everyone always has a spot of a console, now with a bit of ingenuity one can have a custom sized ultra hip version for a fraction of the cost.

Cardboard furniture can be chic. Early on in st-architect Frank Gehry‘s career he made cardboard chairs which were only for the collector clientele, this console is a really cheap alternative. DIY NeonPERSONALIZED DIY NEON –  To have cool lighting which speaks from your personality is off-the charts cool.  Imagine this stylish wall art in a first apartment.

Keeps getting better doesn’t it?

What is great about Peter’s book is the instructions are simple and the inspiration boundless.  There are DIY home projects for every skill level.   Most of his ideas hop the fence of being a conversation starter, which to be able to say,  “you like it, well I made it myself” feels spectacular. DIY Malachite ChestDIY MALACHITE TABLE  – The malachite craze comes and goes in home decor and this offers the opportunity to join in the trend without selling an organ.  And Peter makes a chic table simple and doable.  This might be one of the best DIY projects, which doesn’t look DIY, we’ve seen in years.

Since spring is college graduation season with wedding season is just around the corner, Made By Yourself  is a great gift to start your favorite millennial on the path to a beautiful home.  Get a copy for yourself too, if you want to have chic home decor without spending a fortune.


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  1. great interior decoration, So simple but attractive…