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Pop Art in Paris – Roy Lichtenstein At Centre Pompidou

Pop art is that mid 1950’s art movement which knocked the art world on its can (think Andy Warhol – Campbell Soup can) by challenging the notion of what is art and introducing popular culture into the mix.   Along with Warhol, the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein is probably what comes to mind when one conjures up an image of American Pop Art.Roy Lichtenstein at Le Centre Pompidou Combing through the halls of a museum is not what my husband and I consider fun, unless it is a car museum.  We take a very curatorial approach to museums (save the arguments to the contrary), going for exactly what interests us. In this case the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at Le Centre Pompidou in Paris.Roy Lichtenstein (4)-imp There is just something about his use of bold colors, graphic nature and sense of whimsy one finds captivating.  Please note, these pictures do not include any of the works for which photography was prohibited. Sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein Roy Lichtenstein established a style based on Ben-Day dots, primary colors, and clean lines.  The colors are usually very concise with no mixing or smearing into one another.  Artwork by Roy Lichtenstein In 1961 after producing a painting  Look Mickey, based on the stylized commercial images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, his work turned to images of the comic strips and advertisements. Artwork by Roy LichtensteinOn rare occasions he deviated from his norm such as these which are color on color rather than the typical color on white.  Art by Roy LichtensteinIn 1962 he began woking on paintings which echoed a thematic movement based on works by Picasso, Mondrian,  Léger, Brancusi and Matisse, though in a more simplified form.  Roy Lichtenstein - Fishing Village, 1987He continued t0 capture the zest of other artists later on such as in this 1985 painting titled Fishing Village. Interior by Roy LichtensteinPersonally I am drawn to his interiors and was lucky enough to select one from Deitch Projects to use on a interior design project a few years back. He was very prolific right up until he died.  Roy Lichtenstein - Landscape with Philosopher, 1996In 1995 he shifted gears.  For his final triumph he took inspiration from the Chinese paintings he had admired since art school.  Be began a series of landscapes with almost monochromatic use of colors which capture a softer more spiritual sensibility.  Lisa viewing LichtensteinAnd there is always a but…  Clearly my husband, Jeff, gravitated to this comical work for a number of reasons.  Oddly enough this painting was created the year I was born.  So if any of you are the connect-the-dots or find-hidden-meanings people, what is your take on this?

The exhibit in Paris closed November 4th.  But if you would like more information on some of the works in the exhibit take a peek at France 24 for your own mini showing.


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3 Responses to Pop Art in Paris – Roy Lichtenstein At Centre Pompidou

  1. I had no idea that Lichtenstein had these phases Of influence in His body of work, what a fascinating post. Talk about a talented artist…

  2. I also found myself drawn to his interiors but have to say what a diverse artist he really was. Every image is thought provoking and leaves you wanting for more.

    Like a beautifully designed interior a painting gives us all something unique in our interpretation and internal joy.

    Thank you for sharing this journey.

  3. Thanks Linda, he really was very creative but true to his nature.

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