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Posters or Prints? Who Cares Just Enjoy

Having a great interior does not require a fabulous art collection.  Nor is money a requirement of having great artwork adorn the walls of a home.  Sure there are art snobs and some fru-fru decorators who might turn up their nose at a poster but really, many great artists authorized their works being reproduced as posters.  They understood great art does not mean only for a few eyes. Posters via AllPosters.com

Warhol and Lichtenstein got it – they were print artists = art based on reproduction.  Their limited production authorized prints may run into the millions but many are also available as posters.  Now a poster in this category is not the same quality as a print, but again if it’s for your enjoyment on your wall – who really cares?

Nicer than a poster is giclee print.  This is a very high quality digital print, often in limited number runs and can be signed.  This Embercadero giclee, FORGOTTEN MODERNISM by Michael Murphy, is part of a series of San Francisco architectural prints available online or in person at Zinc Details in San Fran.  I can promise you after visiting the store last summer, his prints are even more impressive in person.

Oren Sherman mentioned in a previous post: Timeless Art by Oren Sherman Makes Interiors Wonderful, is another favorite print artist offering reasonably priced giclees either framed or unframed,

Some would say posters or inexpensive prints are “college wall art” or art for the walls of your first place before one has any money.  I toyed with this attitude when I was young and ignorant.  Posters and prints are just fine for grown-ups.  Of course as an adult one would frame them rather than attach to the wall with thumbtacks. 🙂

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