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Pretty Easter Colors On Classic Cars

The Pink RuxtonClassic cars come in fun colors beyond the standard black, white, red and silver.  I though it would be fun to peruse a few vintage cars from past Pebble Beach and Meadowbrook car shows to offer up colors we are more used to seeing on an Easter egg. This car comes with wings.  The story of  Taylor Aerocars is quite interesting.  And we think we are so innovative today. Lister Racecar

The Yellow Cobra Dragon Snake This Cobra 289 DragonSnake was part of the special exhibit at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion last summer in honor of Carroll Shelby. Butter yellow Rolls-RoyceThe custom initials on this 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Murphy Convertible Coupe stand for Gloria Chapin.  Alfred Chapin included a number of special design details in this custom Christmas present for his wife, including a spot of the gear shift for a photo of their children.Light Radium Green Porsche 356

1 Porsche, 2 Porsche, 3 Porsche, Blue PorschePorsche has more colors of blue and blue greens than one might imagine.  It amazes me why anyone would select white, black or silver – so pedestrian. Yellow Ferrari 250 GT

Unusual mint green Ferrari 250 GTOHmm, this soft green color on the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta could be a hint to the British racing team once owned and drove this car.  Green is the color of what lichen which grows in a forest… moss.  Sir Stirling Moss himself drove this car at LeMans.   In 2012 the Ferrari GTO was 50 years old and was celebrated at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Eegance. Robin's egg blue Talbot LagoThis 1950 Talbot Lago T26 Saoutchik Grand Sport Coupe looks much different than the next one. 1948 Talbot-Lago T-26 Saoutchik Grand Sport Coupe 2Ahh, the days of the two tone car, when the paint application fit the styling of the car.  While all T-26 Grand Sport coupes were built for luxury and speed this 1948 model was also built as art.  It is much more curvaceous and showy than the 1950’s version though both were designed by Saoutchik, the noted French coachbuilder.  This particular one is owned by and displayed at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California.   On a side note, I’ll have a treat for you in May, because I’m getting a special tour at the Mullin Museum in a few weeks (so excited).

Yeah, so  I’m a color person and this post is a bit theme-ish.  (Hey, you did not see a red and green car post at Christmas time, toss me a little credit.)  From touring cars to racecars, cars look good in color.  Happy Easter! Lisa sig2

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  1. KATHY

    Hey…your CAR would look great in an Easter basket!

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