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Preview Of The 2015 Cavallino Classic

2015 Cavallino Classic PreviewIn two short weeks the front lawn of The Breakers in Palm Beach will be sprinkled with a sea of red and yellow Ferraris for the 2015 Cavallino Classic, January 21-25,2015. Each year the event seems to get bigger and bigger.  Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible Ferrari an unusual specimen is parked on the lawn.

1955 Ferrari 375 America PF Speciale375 America PF Coupe 1953375 MM Spyder 195This year the special feature will be a salute to the 60 Anniversary of the Era of the Ferrari 375 and the various versions:

  • America
  • Berlinetta
  • Coupe
  • Speciale
  • Spyder

Early Ferrari RacerAlso on display will be rare Pre-War competition race cars and numerous other prized Ferraris from all over the world.  Because this is a true Ferrari enthusiast event there will be classes and cars from the rarest vintage all the way up to the modern supercars of today. Ferrari F12Ferrari 360 Challenge StradaleTrack Time Cavallino ClassicThis the the opening event for the serious Concours level cars.  Everyone crawls out from the holidays and arrives in tip top shape ready for the new year of automotive enthusiasm to unfold.  What makes the Cavallino Classic such a great event is at 150 cars it is still small enough to feel intimate, old friendships are renewed and new friends are made.  Who can complain when you are on the grounds of the historic Breakers steeped in luxury, refinement, palm trees,  beautiful weather and oh yeah, surrounded by a $100 million dollars or more of automotive beauty.

As always I’ll be covering it just for you!


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