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Ready To Hang With The BlogTour Gang

Yippee its almost here, the big BlogTour Cologne trip.  It is such an honor to be chosen by Veronika Miller at Modenus to be part of the 14 Design Blogger Takeover of the International Furnishings Show in Cologne.  Just call me a sponge when it comes to learning about new products and ideas.  BlogTour sponsorsAside from traveling to Cologne and Amsterdam and meeting our sponsors, I’m also looking forward to hanging with the entire Modenus BlogTour gang. BlogTour tweeps I've never metI’ve tweeted and been on Facebook with some and others I’ve just become introduced to on Twitter through our #BlogTourCGN tweets. Is is just me or does anyone else miss-type the CGN as CDN, like Canadian?

It didn’t take a day before we had our own FB message section discussing the tech requirements and issues of traveling to Europe.  Must be why I’m not stressing over it, almost everyone has an Apple something.  BlogTour blog guruI only know Paul from Twitter, FB and email.  As one of the original designer/bloggers, he gave an awesome online blogging Webinar two years ago.  He introduced me to HootSuite and has been a generous resource.  Okay I’ll admit it, I am partial to those who design and blog not just design blog.  Can’t help it, I’m a literal gal and experience trumps fluffy words in my book. BlogTour palsOne of the cool things about social media, Twitter specifically, is meeting IRL the faraway people one tweets with.  It amazes me how everyone I’ve met in person from Twitter is an authentic person.  Conversations are easy like with a long lost friend. Then there are those with whom the connection is instant.  Brandon, I first met two years ago at KBIS in Las Vegas, and we’ve been pals ever since.  We’ve become the fierce duo of snark when we get together.  Not that we aren’t nice, but neither of us mince words, and there are times when an idea, concept, product or design just sucks.  So we rail on the creator for lack of thoughtful research, no sense of purpose, direction or clearly lacking the mental fortitude to understand an item has to work and people have to want to pay money… for it to be a success.

Besides trade shows, this past year, Brandon spent time with my husband and I on our annual trip to the car shows at Pebble Beach and over the Christmas holiday we saw his charming San Diego Craftsman bungalow.  Don’t mind us.  We talk fast, drive fast and will shift the conversation between cars and design faster than you can say “go.”

The Modenus BlogTour is funded by sponsors which provide our food, travel and entertainment related expenses for the tour.  However, all content, ideas, and words are my own.  Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow us to create new and special content like this for Decor Girl Media.

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11 Responses to Ready To Hang With The BlogTour Gang

  1. Great post- Excited to meet you! Love the pebble beach photo.

  2. Lisa Mende

    Congrats! Didn’t know you were going! You will love Courtney Price, she is awesome and of course it looks like you ‘ve met Sarah, both I adore! Have a great time!

  3. Thank you, so excited to meet everyone!


  4. Thank you, Lisa. Sounds like such a nice intimate group of design minds.


  5. I haven’t met Brandon in person yet, but I’m excited at the upcoming chances to practice my best snark on him! And he promised to wear his best 80s aerobic wear!

  6. WE will have lots of items for which snark will be useful… in a good way. 🙂


  7. P.S. I’ll be calling you Sponge from now on.

  8. Ha, only in a good way I hope.

  9. Sarah Sarna

    Thank you Lisa! mwah!!

  10. Sarah Sarna

    Had so much fun with all of you on this trip!!

  11. Likewise. Hope to see you again and we can chat more.

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