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Real Men Color Coordinate Fashion With Their Favorite Car

Men's Car Show FashionsCar shows are as much about the cars as they are about the people.  It is fun to discover a new vintage car as well as meet new and exciting people.  But the most entertaining eye candy is not on on four wheels.  It comes from watching men color coordinate their wardrobe to their favorite cars.  Here is how real men coordinate their fashion with vintage and modern FerrarisRed and white Ferrari Men's Fashion Men’s car show fashion statements extend to a coordinated effort of shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, hats and belts.  With the most fashionable men driving their outfits right into the best of class category with the addition of color coordinated shoes.  Men's concurs fashion coordinates with carsCar guys exhibit no fear when sporting color.  Men coordinate their car show or concours outfits specifically for the event.Men's car show fashion matches FerrarisMen can rock color and style, age is irrelevant on the concours field.  Young or old, tycoon or mechanic, these guys take showing one’s colors to a whole new level.  Red and yellow Ferrari men's fashionWhile this no different from a guy wearing team colors for his favorite sports team, though one should never call a sports jersey “fashion”, many of these gentlemen have a highly tuned eye for individuality.  Many car guys have a great sense of style, an appreciation for fine quality and are loyal to the core.  They assemble their car show attire with the same precision and attention to detail.

Make no mistake this is serious wardrobing as an homage to a beloved automobile, not fashion for attention.

Car show guy matches fashion to FerrarisYou’ll see a normally conservative man wearing red or yellow driving shoes going all matchy-matchy with his entire ensemble at a car show.   This is the same guy who may scoff at his wife who fails over and over to nudge him out of his daily comfort uniform of an old regimental tie, white shirt and navy suit.

We shot this piece at the recent Cavallino Concours d’Elegance.  Over the years the Ferrari events showcase a great mix of men’s fashion and cars.  Pebble Beach is a bit more conservative, though there are plenty of tastefully fashionable men in attendance.  Lisa dresses to match the Bugatti and Aston MartinJust so you are confident your editor can hang with the fashionable car crowd, here I am at The Quail.  You know me well enough by now to know you’ll never find me wearing red.  🙂  Men's corlorful concour shoe fashionsMen’s car show fashion is both amusing and charming, well done guys!  I applaud these men for the bold fashion statements they make while attending a car show.  A man will do anything for a car.


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2 Responses to Real Men Color Coordinate Fashion With Their Favorite Car

  1. This is interesting to see that people are matching their outfit color with their car. It clearly depict the love for the car.

  2. You are absolutely right! It is all about the love of for the car. 🙂

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